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How to Market Homes During the Holidays and More

Holiday for sale signThe Sharpe Mortgage Team is committed to providing you each week with helpful information on topics such as the local market, home trends, homebuying tips, and more. This week we shared information on festive holiday wreaths, what a home inspector does, and how to market homes during the holidays. Read more on these topics below.

Festive Holiday Wreaths for Your Home

It’s the holiday season, and what a better way to liven up your front door than with a festive holiday wreath! With a little bit of work and a trip to the craft store, your wreath will be the talk of carolers everywhere. Check out these fun tips on the different kinds of wreaths you can create!

What Does a Home Inspector Do?

One of the most common contingencies to a real estate purchase is a completed home inspection. Hired by the homebuyer, a home inspector thoroughly examines a house for damages and repairs that may be needed. Learn more about all the areas a home inspection report should typically cover.

How to Market Homes During the Holidays

The homebuying market from November through January is notoriously slow because of the holiday season. However, this year’s hot housing market has set the stage for a better than usual winter season! While the holidays are generally filled with family, friends and Yuletide cheer, the inventory shortage and an increased number of serious buyers can make this time of year successful for selling. Here are some tips for selling homes during the holidays.

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